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NIR 104 Class Bo-Bo Metropolitan Vickers

Originally built for IÉ and designated 201 Class were manufactured by Metropolitan Vickers at Dukinfield Works, Manchester. They were delivered to IÉ during 1957 and 1958, and were intended for mixed traffic use on branch lines. Unfortunately, they suffered badly from the unreliability of their Crossley engines, which were underpowered even when they did work. A permanent solution was found by converting the...

NIR 101 (DL) Class Bo-Bo Hunslet / BREL Doncaster

The 101 Class of NIR consisted of just three mainline dieselel-electric locomotives built for use with the Enterprise passenger services between Belfast and Dublin with the intention of reducing the time for the journey to two hours. The design of the superstructure and bogies was carried out by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds with English Electric / AEI being responsible for the electrical traction. The...

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