We are suppliers of bespoke 4mm locomotives, multiple units and coaching stock covering British Railways and Irish Railways as operating in the period from the 1950’s to the 1980’s.

Our models feature a mixture of precision cast and laser cut components.

Kits and accessories are generally available from stock.

Ready to run models are made to order.


  • Models are made to order.
  • Your choice of livery, running numbers, headcodes, destination blinds and buffer beam detail.
  • Powered models come DCC Ready.
  • DCC chip fitted available for £25 extra.
  • Latest proprietary mechanisms are used in our powered range.
  • On Railcars, DCC socket accessible directly below underframe with no need to remove the body.


  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Paypal


  • Go to the Contact Page and fill in the form
  • email requirements to johnsilverfoxmodels@msn.com
  • phone on
    +44(0)161 285 5210


  • £3 for Detailing Parts
  • £5 for kits
  • £6 for ready to run models
  • At cost for countries outside UK

New Vehicles

Brand new vehicles straight off the drawing board.

IR/IE BUT 700 Railcar

IR/IE Bullied ‘Hooded’ Luggage Van

IR/IE Bullied Heating Van

IR/IE Bullied Heating Van (modified)

IR/IE Travelling Post Office Van

IR/IE Six Wheel Heating Van

IR / IÉ Buffet Car

IR / IÉ Open 3rd Coach

Remodelled Railcars

Our railcars and multiple units have been redesigned to incorporate precision cast resin cabs and sides laser cut from thin plastic sheet to give a more realistic flush fit to the glazing.

This year we will also be making these units available in this format as kits.

We now have a standard price across the range.  £150 for a powered railcar, £75 for each additional unpowerd trailer.

BR Class 104 DMU

BR Class 114 DMU

BR Class 119 DMU

BR Class 120 DMU

BR Class 123 DMU

BR Class 129 Parcels Unit

IR / IÉ Ex 2600 Class Railcar Push/Pull Trailer Car

BR Derby Lightweight
Single Car

IR / IÉ Ex 2600 Class Railcar Push/Pull Connector Car

IR / IÉ Ex 2600 Class Railcar Push/Pull Intermediate Car

AEC/Park Royal
2600 Class Railcar