NIR 101 (DL) Class dark blue

NIR Dark Blue small yellow warning panel

The 101 Class of NIR consisted of just three mainline dieselel-electric locomotives built for use with the Enterprise passenger services between Belfast and Dublin with the intention of reducing the time for the journey to two hours. The design of the superstructure and bogies was carried out by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds with English Electric / AEI being responsible for the electrical traction.

The contract stipulated a ten month delivery period but with Hunslet’s workshops already committed, the superstructure and assembly was contracted out to BREL Doncaster, with Hunslet providing the bogies. They were of Bo-Bo wheel arrangement and fitted with CSVT Mk. II 1,350 horsepower (1,010 kW) engines. The locomotives were fitted with buckeye couplers as standard and had air brake capability for operation with the ex BR Mk.2 coaches.

All three re-use names previously used by the Great Northern Railway (Ireland) Class V locomotives, as follows:

Builders Details
Works No. 7197
Works No. 7198
Works No. 7199
Date Completed
08 May 1970
22 May 1970
08 Jun 1970


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NIR 101 (DL) Class Maroon

NIR Maroon

NIR 101(DL) Mid Blue

NIR Mid Blue

NIR 101 (DL) Class Mid Blue Chevron

NIR Mid Blue with Red Chevron

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£150.00 with Hornby DCC ready chassis

Kit instructions suggests the following chassis : Hornby or Bachmann Class 20