4 mm scale models

British Rail Derby Lightweight Single Car Unit

Derby Lightweight Single Unit green

BR Standard Green small yellow warning panel

The British Rail Derby Lightweight diesel multiple units, were the first such trains to be built en-masse for British Railways. The units were built at BR’s Derby Works from 1954 to 1955. The units were built in various formations, including 12 power-twin 2-car units, 84 power-trailer 2-car units, and four 4-car units. The two single car units were originally built as a two-car unit and then split two years later when demand came about. Contemporaneous with these units was the unique Battery Electric Multiple Unit.

Other Liveries Options

Derby Lightweight Single Unit green

BR Standard Green no warning panel

Kit :

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£150.00 with Hornby chassis

This is a DC Kit model made up and fitted onto a Hornby chassis unit.

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